List of cycling and hiking trails

Cycle routes and trails are named after flora and fauna of Gorski Kotar region. Green trails are named after plants and are classified as easy, yellow trails are named after birds and are a moderate difficulty. The trails marked in red are named after animals and are classed as difficult trails.
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Delnice – Planinarski centar Petehovac – Delnice

The start of the trail is located at Delnice town square. Follow south-west direction on the paved road, after 0,3 km turn left over the railway on the Vučnik ...


13 km 339 m


Brod na Kupi – Gašparci – Drgomalj – Delnice – Brod na Kupi

Trail starts in the village of Brod na Kupi. Follow west direction for 16.2 km on an asphalted road upstream along the Kupa river, through the villages of Gusti ...


55 km 700 m


NP Risnjak, Crni Lug – Praprot – Hrvatsko – NP Risnjak, Crni Lug

The trail start is at the National Park Risnjak restaurant. Follow the asphalt road to the villages of Crni Lug and Malo Selo, alongside ...


50 km 626 m


Delnice - a circle around the Japlenški vrh

The start is at Delnice town square, passing through King Tomislav Park, next to which you will find the Town Stadium, tennis courts, bowling alley, basketball court and Multifunctional Hall ...


4 km 94 m

Zvjezdasti ljiljan

Delnice – mali krug oko Drgomlja

The starting point is located at the center of Delnice, from the town square, on the gorgeous forests and woods square and leads to the Army barracks “Ante Šaškor", located ...


26 km 238 m

Tetrijeb gluhan

Delnice – circle to Praprot and around Drgomalj

The start of the track is located in the center square at Delnice town, follow west direction via asphalt road, after 1 km turn right towards the village of ...


37 km 220 m

Sova ušara

Delnice - a big circle around Drgomalj

The start of this cycle track is located in the town center of Delnice, the asphalted route leads towards the Army barracks "Ante Šaškor", located above the town itself. The ...


38 km 238 m


Delnice – Praprot – Podgora – Brod na Kupi – Delnice

The start of the track is located at the town square of Delnice. Head west and on the first turning right across the street Japlenški vrh you come to the ...


60 km 685 m

Smeđi medvjed

Delnice – Brod na Kupi – Hrvatsko – Razloge – Crni Lug – Delnice

The start of the track is located in the town of Delnice, on the Gorge of Woods and Woods, heading towards the state road D203 to ...


70 km 566 m

Šojka kreštalica

Delnice – a circle around Drgomalj – Delnice – climb to Petehovac – Delnice

The start of the track is located at Delnice town square, cycle towards the Army barracks "Brigadier Ante Šaškor", which stands above the town itself. From there, you continue via ...


41 km 364 m

Planinska paprat

Petehovac – Jagodina stijena

After you have climbed on the asphalted road from Delnice to the Petehovac Mountain Center (Štimčev vrh), only 5 minutes walk in the direction ...


0 km 77 m

Troprsti djetlić

Praprot – Hajdova hiža

The 8,6km long mountain trail takes you from Praprot to Hajdova hiža. The altitude difference is 265m ...


8 km 265 m

Kukmasta sjenica

Praprot – izvor Kupe

A 5,7km long mountain trail takes you from Praprot to Izvor Kupe, and you will pass through ...


5 km 554 m


Petehovac – Črmažov vrh

This mountain trail leads from Petehovac Mountain Center (Štimčev vrh) to the Črmažovog vrha in the length of ...


5 km 128 m

Gorski božur

Črmažov vrh – Petehovac

The mountain trail leads from Črmažov vrh to the Petehovac Mountain Center (Štimčev vrh) in length of 3 ...


3 km 166 m


Delnice – Mali Petehovac

This track starts on the state road D3 within the Delnice, cross over the railway line and the first kilometer you walk via asphalted ...


5 km 382 m


Delnice – Petehovac

The trail begins at the intersection of the Podštor and Rijeka-Zagreb railway lines within the Delnice settlement, and the first 0.8km of walking on an asphalt road. Once you ...


2 km 296 m

Planinski kos

Crni Lug – Veliki Risnjak

The trail begins at Bijela Vodica, on the road which leads to National Park Risnjak, which great educational trail Leska,Leska and picturesque village of Crni Lug. The climb takes ...


8 km 822 m

Planinska sova

Delnice – Veliki Drgomalj

The start of the track is located in the village of Delnice at the railway station and goes down on Supilova Street 1.2km, after which the left turns towards ...


6 km 459 m


Veliki Drgomalj – Praprot

To get to the beginning of this trail, we recommend that you use the Planinska sova trail, which will reach the ...


7 km 288 m


Crni Lug – Medvjeđa vrata

The trail begins at Bijela Vodica on the way to National Park Risnjak entrance, where you can also explore Leska educational trail as well as picturesque village of Crni Lug ...


7 km 607 m


Izvor Kupice – Veliki Drgomalj

The most demanding route we recommend is the one that begins at izvor Kupice near the village of Mala Lešnica in the Kupac ...


12 km 914 m


Vojarna Drgomalj - Hajdova hiža

The 6,4 km long mountain trail takes you from the Army barracks “Ante Šaškor", which is located above Delnice to the view point ...


6 km 144 m


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