Šojka kreštalica

The start of the track is located at Delnice town square, cycle towards the Army barracks "Brigadier Ante Šaškor", which stands above the town itself. From there, you continue via gravel road through the woods, after 6km you reach the peak of Veliki Drgomalj which you can see 0.5km to the left, at 8.6km to the right is the horizon of vidikovac Hajdova hiža. Close to 17km on the right is Mikulaškova špilja, and downhill you can go up to 21km where you will pass next to Pijaničevo and Japlenški vrh. The trail leads you through King Tomislavs town park, next to the Town Stadium, tennis courts, bowling alley, basketball court and Multifunctional Hall with climbing rock, which is also an ice rink in the winter. In the town park, you can notice deer enclosure. Continue cycling further south via Vučnik Street at 24km. At 26,2 km you will cross the forest road and 27 km on the left is Grijalica. Follow the trail up to 31km from which south is Črmažov vrhand then over Polana at 34,3km turn left onto the asphalt road that leads to Štimčev vrh and to Petehovac Mountain Center at 36km. Here we recommend that you take 15 minutes of your time and in the immediate vicinity (0.5km) you can see Izvor Jezerke and Jagodinu stijenu. Take the same road back to 36.7km and turn right and descend the forest road up to 39.2km, cross the Rijeka-Zagreb highway via the Lučica tunnel and Vučnik street back to the starting point.

Start Delnice
Finish Delnice
Terrain Gravel
Track length 41 km
Altitude 364m (683 - 1047)
Time 180 min

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