Kukmasta sjenica

A 5,7km long mountain trail takes you from Praprot to Izvor Kupe, and you will pass through Razloge two-thirds way. The starting point is at an altitude of 888m and ends at 341m, while a 60 minute tour time is required. You can reach Praprot by car from state road D32 .

. Visiting the Kupa river source is possible from two directions within the national park boundaries: From the settlement Razloge, 15 km away from the Crni Lug village and the Kupari village 30 km away. Due to narrow roads, we recommend you choose entry via Razloge village via personal car. The hiking trail from Razloge is very windy and you may need approximately 30 minutes to reach the source. The return may take twice as long. You can also reach the source from the village of Hrvatsko (Crni Lug - Croatian 45 min drive) via Kupari (Hrvatsko - Kupari 1h 30min walk). The path from Kupari is following Kupa river and after 30 minutes will bring you to its source. To return you can use the path that runs on the right side of the river, parallel to the river.

Start Praprot
Finish Izvor Kupe
Terrain Mountain track
Track length 5 km
Altitude 554m (341 - 895)
Time 60 min

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