Trail starts in the village of Brod na Kupi. Follow west direction for 16.2 km on an asphalted road upstream along the Kupa river, through the villages of Gusti Laz, Grbajel, Kuželj, Gašparci. Take a right turn and you climb 24.8km uphill via forest road. At 35,8 km, downhill is descending towards the Delnice town. At 37 km to the left, observe the sight of vidikovac Hajdova hiža, and at 40 km to the right you will pass by the Veliki Drgomalj. You arrive in the town of Delnice after 43 km, alongside enjoy the beautiful viewpoints looking towards the Kupa Valley and the Republic of Slovenia. At 46 km you reach the state road D203 which will reach Delnički Potokand Slap, then through the settlements of Marija Trošt, Gornje and Donje Tihovo, Mala Lešnica descend again to the point from which you went to the center of Brod na Kupi.

Start Brod na Kupi
Finish Brod na Kupi
Terrain Mix of asphalt and gravel
Track length 55 km
Altitude 700m (223 - 923)
Time 290 min

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