The start is at Delnice town square, passing through King Tomislav Park, next to which you will find the Town Stadium, tennis courts, bowling alley, basketball court and Multifunctional Hall with climbing rock, which is also an ice rink in the winter. In the park, you can see a deer enclosure zoo. After 0.8 km follow the signs for Hunting Lodge hotel (Lovacki Dom), continue on the forest road, cycling through the forest park Japlenški vrh and passing through Pijaničevo. At 3,8 km you will come back to the legendary 70-meter ski jump dating back to 1947. Here you can see great views of Delnice town.

Start Delnice
Finish Delnice
Terrain Gravel
Track length 4 km
Altitude 94m (716 - 810)
Time 30 min

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