Zvjezdasti ljiljan

The starting point is located at the center of Delnice, from the town square, on the gorgeous forests and woods square and leads to the Army barracks “Ante Šaškor", located above the town itself. From here continue on the forest road through the woods, after 6km you reach the peak of Veliki Drgomalj, which you can see 0.5km to the left, and 8.6km to the right is the horizon of vidikovac Hajdova hiža. Close to 17km on the right, at a distance of 0.5km, you will pass by the Mikulaškova špiljaand continue towards Pijaničevo and Japlenski vrh. After a circuit trail around the Japlenški vrh forest park of 25km, you will return to Delnice and end up at the starting point.

Start Delnice
Finish Delnice
Terrain Gravel
Track length 26 km
Altitude 238m (683 - 921)
Time 120 min

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