Tetrijeb gluhan

The start of the track is located in the center square at Delnice town, follow west direction via asphalt road, after 1 km turn right towards the village of Crni Lug. At 7,4 km turn right on to gravel road which leads towards Mikulaškova špilja at 11,5km. Continue further down 15 km towards Delnice and turn left towards Velikom Drgomlju, at 19,6km to the left. After 22 km you will pass next to Hajdova hiža. After 28 km, you start descending again towards the town of Delnice (part of the same trail) passing by army barracks “Ante Šaškor". At 35 km cycle through a built-up area of Delnice which leads back to the starting point at center square of Delnice.


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