The start of the track is located at the town square of Delnice. Head west and on the first turning right across the street Japlenški vrh you come to the macadam and to Pijaničevo. After 17km driving you will come to Praprot, and at 23km you will start 8km long downhill next to the mountain villages Kalić, Požar, Podgora Turkovska, Zakrajc Turkovski and Gornji Ložac and at 31.5km you will reach the river Kupa. Further downstream we follow the river through the village Turki, Gašparci, Kuželj and Grbajel, after which you arrive at Brod na Kupi at 48km, where there is also a border crossing in the Republic of Slovenia. From Brod na Kupi rises again and at 50.6km in the village of Mala Lešnica you can turn left and reach the Izvor Kupice. The road leads you through Donje Gornje Tihovo, Marija Trošt to Delnički Potok and Slap, which are 56km and 57.5km away and you return to the starting point further on.

Start Delnice
Finish Delnice
Terrain Asphalt and gravel
Track length 60 km
Altitude 685m (223 - 908)
Time 270 min

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