Troprsti djetlić

The 8,6km long mountain trail takes you from Praprot to Hajdova hiža. The altitude difference is 265m and the tour time is 90 minutes. You can reach Praprot by car from state road D32. In the area of the Drgomalj mountain located north of the town of Delnice is Hajdova hHajdova hiža - the biggest, but unfortunately, difficult to reach the cave in Gorski Kotar. Tourists are not permitted to pass, but the cave is, therefore a real bait for professional speleologists. The rather large entrance, which is considered to be the largest underground hallway discovered in our karst (85 meters long, 27 meters wide and about 16 meters high), is just a mere labyrinth of passages. The road further leads to extremely steep cliffs and deep yet unexplored channels.

Start Praprot
Finish Hajdova hiža
Terrain Mountain track
Track length 8 km
Altitude 265m (668 - 933)
Time 90 min

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