Smeđi medvjed

The start of the track is located in the town of Delnice, on the Gorge of Woods and Woods, heading towards the state road D203 to Delnički Potok and Slap, then through the villages of Marija Trošt, Gornje and Donje Tihovo, Mala Lešnica you will descend to the center of Brod na Kupi at 11.5km. At 16.9 km you will come to Kuželj and turn left upstream along Belicu river and return to Kuželj on the same route. Continue along the river Kupa and 35km to the village of Hrvatsko, from where you continue uphill to Razloge, not far from Izvor Kupe (40km to the right). The forest road continues up to 50km where you continue along the D32 road through Malo Selo and Crni Lug to the Risnjak National Park. In the vicinity you can see the sights of Malenica and Pleševka and you will return to the D32 road at 60km and you continue to 68.8km where you turn left in the direction of Delnice.

Start Delnice
Finish Delnice
Terrain Asphalt and gravel
Track length 70 km
Altitude 566m (223 - 789)
Time 300 min

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